What is the Difference Between “My Account” & “My Profile” on TENKme?

User account


Is your very first registration on TENKme, it will contain the private information used to control your login. You can choose here not to show the account information for others.  

  • User accounts are created when someone registers for a TENKme account. In order to protect your privacy, the information you used for the registration do not appear in search.
  • If you did not complete the whole data of your account, you will be –by default- registered as a “Personal” profile in “People” main category. However, you can visit your account at any time to edit\ update your category. Change Category
  • You can access your user account and update your account settings by clicking the Menu –> login & Security. You can change your password, email or mobile number at any time. 


A Profile

Is what you want people to see, rank & rate. So the information here is public. You can add as many profiles as you can. You can add your business, your pet, your favorite meal, etc.

  • Individuals who would like to be found on TENKme can create a person profile, and they can add other profiles of their company, pets, Yachts, or anything in the world. 
  • All your profiles will be ranked & rated each within its category.
  • You should not necessarily create a personal profile, you can directly start your account with a profile for your business, pet or whatever you wish.
    For more information about TENKme Categories; check Category
  • You can also take a look at a few of the top-ranked person profiles on TENKme: link
  • Once created, you can edit any profile anytime by clicking the three-dot icon, and selecting 'Edit' at the upper right corner of the profile. 
  • For more information about creating, adding & editing your profiles:  link

“Rate as One, Get rated by Millions” 

A user account has to be created by a person in order to enter all the necessary credentials. While profiles can be created for anything in the world including things, animals, activities & businesses.

"One person can create many profiles which all can be rated separately...   However, you can only rate others as one individual- no matter which of your profiles you are using"


If you created an account, then you created 4 profiles under the same account: for your car, your cat, the restaurant you own & your local football team; each of these 4 profiles can be ranked & rated by other people within their categories, but if you give a rating or a rank using any of these profiles, it will show to others with your main account. 

Why so?

To ensure credibility. You can give a rate or a rank as one person no matter how many profiles you own. While any profile can be rated by other users to ensure honest competition. This way no one can give him\her self ratings to his own profiles. 

Let’s summarize it in a table: 

 Features User Account can: Profile can:


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