TENKme Features

App Features:  

  • Getting ranks for whatever you can think of.
  • Following your favorite people, products, places & much more. 
  • Join & engage with communities, fans, & celebrities. 
  • Ask & answer questions.
  • Building multiple profiles; personal, business, hobbies, food, pets & much more. 
  • TENK friends & get TENKED to share your experience & reviews. 
  • Explore & follow what is trending on posts & profiles. 
  • Multiple lists to facilitate organizing the profiles of interest.
  • Ability to bookmark comments & posts to refer to at any point of time in a click of a button. 
  • Generating QR code for your profiles for easier search & sharing to both friends & clients.
  • Interactive posts with evaluative polls.
  • Available as an application & a web version. 
Reviews and Ratings Platform Honest Opinions
Rate and review products, services, people, business and places in one convenient app, with the guarantee of never-deleted content.
TENKme focuses on providing quality assurance and distinguishes real reviews from fake ones.
Personal and Professional Networking: Ranking and Leaderboards:
Create multiple profiles for personal, business, hobbies, and more, while following friends, celebrities, and communities.
 Outpace competitors by leveraging rankings and ratings locally, nationally, and globally.
Career Advancement: Organized Content:
Employers can effectively screen potential candidates based on ratings and reviews.
Utilize multiple lists to easily organize profiles and reviews.
Interactive Posts:  Bookmarking:
Engage with communities using interactive posts and feedback polls.
 Save comments, reviews, and posts for future reference.
QR Code Integration: Cross-Platform Accessibility:
Share and search for profiles quickly with QR codes.
Accessible through both mobile app and web version.
Extensive Range of Categories: Authentic User-Generated Reviews:
TENKme encompasses a vast selection of categories, such as dining, accommodations, gadgets, online retailers, and many more.
Our app sources reviews from its vibrant user community to guarantee reliable and genuine opinions.
Personalized Recommendations: Seamless Interface:
TENKme intelligently tailors recommendations to users' preferences and previous interactions, suggesting new products, services, or venues that suit their interests.
Our elegant and user-centered design allows users to effortlessly navigate, filter, and sort through ratings and reviews.
Review Integrity: Interactive Community:
TENKme employs a robust verification system to minimize the presence of fake or misleading reviews.
Users can connect with peers through the app by commenting on reviews, posing questions, and exchanging experiences.