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All the ranks and reviews you need are collected in a small universe in your pocket, Free and instant.

Getting free ranks and reviews has never been easier. Get ratings, reviews, ranks, and feedback for anything and everything with a click, all in one place.

Get your profiles rated and rate others profiles, zooming in and out from the largest continents to the smallest cities.

Looking for product rankings? Reviews? Or word of mouth?

Users can rate your profiles, and you can rate all kinds of others’ profiles in your neighbourhood, country, up to the whole world, whether it is a person, restaurant, cuisine, movie, building, sport team, spaceship, or planet in the universe.

Share your experience and benefit from others. Exchange reviews and opinions, discuss products or services, follow and evaluate your idols, and join communities of your interests.


With a click, enter a whole world of ranks and ratings for anything and everything. 

TENKme is more than just a rating app. It is a whole universe in your hand. You can rate or search for ranks for actually anything and everything, from the pen in your hand to a celestial star.

Share your rankings and feedback about products, services, celebrities, and much more.

A remarkable tool in your life for taking the right decisions based on user information and experiences

Build multiple profiles for your business, brand, or hobbies; get rated and send your ratings to others.

Engage with all kinds of communities, whether you are an entrepreneur, a sports fanatic, or a pet lover.

Join communities of common interests and exchange experiences and opinions.
Keep up with the latest news and trends.
Follow your idols, talk to other fans, and interact with friends.